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Al Saraya International (M) Sdn bhd

Offering a wide range of Food Supplement and Beverage Supplement, assuring of their effectiveness and safety.

AL SARAYA INTERNATIONAL (M) SDN BHD is established in 2010. We are Distribution & Trading Company especially for Food, Beverage and Supplement products. We are primarily focused in building the food service sector. We strongly emphasize the social responsibility of the business community and together we coordinate the efforts of customers, partners and the local authorities. We are committed to develop new principals and distribute high quality of our products.

Featured Products

Habbatus Sauda Oil

USD 10.50

USD 8.50


USD 6.70

USD 4.75


USD 6.75

USD 6.10

Black Cumin Seeds Hair Serum

USD 25.00

USD 19.73

Sidar Honey 650 gm

USD 30.50

USD 28.99

Kashmir Saffron

USD 7.85

USD 6.50

Red Hand bag

USD 100.00

USD 90.00

Habbatus Sauda Oil ( 100 ml )

USD 13.25

USD 12.99

Green Hand Bag

USD 100.00

USD 90.00

Black Cumin Seeds Twin

USD 50.00

USD 35.00

Black Cumin Seeds Skin Serum

USD 25.00

USD 19.73

Habbatus Sauda Oil ( 1 Kg )

USD 50.00

USD 48.99